Ian Dunmore

Project Development

Ian is a UK-born writer and journalist who moved to Queensland with his Australian wife at the end of 2015.

Since his arrival he has written extensively on and advocated for medicinal cannabis with a particular focus on the need for improved patient access. 

Restricting the availability and delivery of (legal) cannabis medicine merely to a small range of plant-derived or synthetic pharmaceutical products each requiring multi-phase clinical trials is, Ian feels, a serious misjudgement in health policy. Rather, he thinks Governments and medical professionals would better serve sick Australians by acknowledging and building upon, rather than ignoring, the rapidly growing volume of scientific, demographic and prescribing data currently being accumulated in other jurisdictions across the world.

United In Compassion, he feels, offers among the best and most effective means of encouraging and facilitating such activity as well as remaining the most influential and credible medicinal cannabis advocacy organisation in the country thus assisting with these, he says, is a privilege.


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Working in collaboration with United in Compassion, The Australian Medial Cannabis Observatory is interested in the hows and whys of medical Cannabis use in Australia.