About UIC

Our philosophy is the dignified alleviation of suffering with compassion & empathy according to ‘Dan’s Test’


Our primary mission is advocating for patient access to Full Spectrum herbal Medicinal Cannabis extracts and dried herb Cannabis; 

in a manner which is safe, effective, affordable, equitable and favorable for patients, for the dignified relief of suffering.


Dan’s test – sets high quality product expectations, that are legally and easily accessible to patients when they need it, with no one left behind :


  • Equitable and favorable for patients
  • Naturally outdoor/greenhouse grown herbal Medicinal Cannabis
  • Organic principles
  • Incorporates a wide range of herbal Medicinal Cannabis varieties, to treat a wide range of health conditions
  • Full Spectrum plant extraction processes
  • Dried Herb (Cannabis floral clusters); for use in electric personal vaporisation devices 
  • Ensures high standards of production & manufacturing, by employing the principles of Quality Assurance

Dan Haslam was instrumental in bringing the issue of the therapeutic use of herbal Medicinal Cannabis to the forefront and into the national Australian consciousness. Dan benefited dramatically from his use of local Australian grown herbal medicinal varieties of Cannabis, during his battle with cancer. Dan passed away on the 24th of February 2015, but his legacy lives on. "Every step we take on Medical Cannabis, will be built on the footsteps Dan Haslam left behind” Mike Baird - Premier of New South Wales

Executive Team
The people behind the management and day to day operations of United in Compassion

Lucy Haslam
Executive Director / Co-Founder,
United in Compassion

Lou Haslam
Executive Director

Lew Roussos

Carol Roussos

Joe Hickey
Director/Community Liason

Steve Peek

Ian Dunmore
Project Development

Patrons of UIC

Olivia Newton John
Actress & Singer

Mike Baird
Former Australian Politician

Fiona Patten MLC
Leader of REASON and a member in Victoria’s Upper House

Carol Ireland
CEO Epilepsy Action Australia

Dick Smith

Dr Alex Wodak

Roshani Priddis
Singer Songwriter

Dr Peter Wakefield

John Williamson
Singer Songwriter

Lara Giddings
44th Premier of Tasmania

Emeritus Professor Laurence Mather
The University of Sydney

Deng Adut

Mick Palmer

Dr Yvonne McMaster

Sally Crossing

NSW Nurses & Midwives Association

Greg Barns

Margie Abbott

Scientific Advisory Council

Scientists, political lobbyists and lawyers helping UIC in delivering up to date information and news.

Justin Sinclair
Chief Scientist Advisory Council

Dr Bonni Goldstein MD

Dr Ilan Linder
Paediatric Neurologist

Alice O’Leary Randall
B.A., L.P.N.

Dr Jeffrey Hergenrather MD

Professor Simon Eckermann
Health Economics

Dr David Caldicott MD
Adjunct Associate Professor, University of Canberra

Dr Sue Sisely MD
Physician practising Internal Medicine & Psychiatry