Alice O'Leary-Randall
B.A., L.P.N.

Alice is a senior spokesperson for the Medicinal Cannabis movement.

In 1976 her late husband, Robert C. Randall, became the first person in the U.S. to legally receive Medicinal Cannabis.

The couple went on to co-found the Medical Cannabis movement in America, assisting patients and educating the American public about the therapeutic potential of Cannabis. In 1980 they co-founded Alliance for Cannabis Therapeutics, the nation’s first non-profit organization devoted to Medical Cannabis issues.

They worked side-by-side on the issue until Robert’s death in 2001. At that point Alice embarked on a nursing career to fulfill her desire to work in hospice. She was a hospice nurse for six years, retiring in 2012. She has returned to the Medical Cannabis movement and continues to educate and celebrate the contributions of many brave individuals who courageously fought for medical access to Cannabis. She is the author of Medical Marijuana in America: Memoir of a Pioneer and a frequent contributor to Huffington Post and Cannabis Now Magazine. www.medicalmarijuanapioneer.com