Avoiding/minimising the crisis of aging baby boomers
Panel Discussion

Professor Meera Agar

Professor Simon Eckermann

Ms Leah Bisiani

Dr Judith Lacey

Rita Martin is an Irish born, English trained Registered Nurse, with a clinical background in Intensive care, Haematology/Oncology, Aged Care and nursing management. She has lived and worked in England, Ireland, Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy and the USA. She emigrated to Australia on the day of the bicentenary – which she was blissfully unaware of, but enormously impressed by finding tens of thousands of people drinking and having a massive party on a Tuesday lunchtime. She felt obliged to stay after the wonderful effort the people of Sydney had put on to welcome her, and to see what the weekends were like! Rita works for the NSW Nurses’ and Midwives Association.