Deb Ranson and Sally-Anne Jones:

The Great Leap Forward – Where to Next?

Deb is a practicing Registered clinical Nurse. Her background is cardio thoracic transplant & community Nursing, with main focus now being Cannabis medicine. Passions are advocating for patients, community and her colleagues in the realm of medicinal cannabis. 

Deb is an ambassador for Drive Change, a Co-founding member of the Australian Medical Cannabis Association (AMCA) and Co-founder of the Australian chapter of cannabis clinicians. (SCC AC) also an active member of the Cannabis Nurses Network (CNN). 

She engages with many affiliations regarding helping patients obtain and retain quality of life through this plant medicine. She has run full day education sessions with professional development points (CPD) awarded to attendees. Deb has played an integral part in bringing awareness of this medicine to major Nursing forums and conferences with motions passed in vote on favour of education of colleagues and a safe regime for patients. She has lobbied for 60,000 strong Nurses to receive cannabis education and for this to be included in agendas for many years previous. 

Deb owns and runs the Australian Nurses Cannabis Support & Information Network with over 9000 followers, thirsty for correct up to date information, in conjunction with a private group, Nurses in Unity with 150 likeminded cannabis or developing cannabis Nurses. This group was formed from the 2019 UIC symposium. 

Deb strongly advocates for better access to quality product, legislation changes to driving laws, compassionate access for patients, a less convoluted system & participates in advocacy as a whole for her patients, colleagues and the public.