Dr Sue Sisley

Inhaled cannabis for PTSD? What does the 1st randomised controlled trial show? What legal obstacles still need to be overcome?

Dr. Sue Sisley is a pioneering researcher also serving as volunteer medical director for over 40 state Cannabis Industry operating licenses from Hawaii to New Jersey since 2010. Sue is fighting for quality REAL WORLD cannabis samples to conduct clinical trials. She is President of Scottsdale Research Institute & best know for FDA controlled trials with Vets & 1st responders examining safety/efficacy of inhaled marijuana flower for treating severe PAIN & PTSD, and recently publishing several articles on Cannabis for opioid substitution with her team at University of Michigan. 

Dr. Sisley is on faculty at Humboldt State University & appointed by Colorado Governor to serve on the state ICR (Institute of Cannabis Research). 

Dr. Sisley has been a Member of Nevada ILAC Medical Cannabis Commission for 3 years outlining regulations for laboratory testing including limits on pesticides, residual solvents and other guidelines that are currently being used as a model for other states medical cannabis laws. She also served on the Steering Committee for Thomas Jefferson University Lambert Cannabis Medical Research Center. 

In 2019 Scottsdale Research Institute began seeking federal approvals to conduct FDA approved clinical trials on natural Psilocybin mushrooms. Their first pilot study microdosing natural whole Psilocybin Mushrooms in veterans & 1st responders with pain/PTSD will be starting as soon as our DEA Schedule 1 Manufacturing license has been approved. In the meantime 

Dr. Sisley is also being trained by MAPS as an MDMA therapist so SRI can become a future home for MDMA assisted psychotherapy. Dr. Sisley even levied 3 FEDERAL lawsuits against the DOJ/DEA over past 2 years to remove barriers blocking Cannabis research. The first 2 lawsuits were successfully settled out of court — 3rd lawsuit is still making its way through 9th circuit court and gaining traction (oral arguments in June).