Evidence and Obstacles
Making Australian Legislation work

At this stage it is worth saying that we would have had a representative from the TGA on this panel but they cancelled their attendance.

Dr Bastian Seidel

Studied medicine in Germany and South Africa. Currently he works as a GP in the Huon Valley in Tasmania, he was elected as the President of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) in September 2016 where he represents over 30,000 GPs. He also enjoys a teaching role as Clinical Professor with the University of Tasmania.
When elected to the presidency of the RACGP he said, “I will be passionate and vocal in advocating for primary healthcare and look forward to the challenge ahead”. Dr Seidel we hope that you can rise to the challenge of introducing Medicinal Cannabis to the mainstream of General Practice through education and encouragement of your peers. We strongly welcome you and thank you for your participation at this symposium.

Mr Bill Turner

Director of the Office of Drug Control who we met yesterday.

Mr Mick Palmer

A barrister and 33-year career police officer with extensive experience in police leadership and reform in community, national and international policing.He was appointed Commissioner of the Northern TerritoryPolice, Fire and Emergency Services agency in 1988 and Serve in that position until 1994 when he was appointed Commissioner of the Australian Federal Police (AFP). Mr Palmer held this position for 7 years until his retirement in March 2001.

Mr Simon Sweeting

A patient who has tried unsuccessfully to access a legal supply of medicinal cannabis to manage his chronic pain. He will share his experience in a system which many feel was broken before it even began.

Steven Peek

Father of a child with intractable epilepsy who has tried desperately to access cannabis legally….and failed

Simon Eckermann

Senior Professor of Health Economics at the Australian Health Services Research Institute and University of Wollongong.