Exploring medical necessity and human rights

Greg Barns

A barrister and writer. He is former National President of the Australian Lawyers Alliance and practices in the areas of criminal law, family law and administrative law. He is a former senior political adviser and the author of 3 books on Australian politics. He ran the 1999 Republic Referendum campaign and was National Chair of the Australian Republican Movement from 2000-02. Greg is a weekly columnist with the Hobart Mercury and writes regularly for other outlets.

Dr Ilan Linder

From Israel we have just met and we acknowledge his breadth of experience in treating children with Cannabis.

Carol Ireland

CEO of Epilepsy Action Australia where she has worked since 2006 as a tireless advocate for patients affected by epilepsy and their families. Carol sees the topic of Medicinal Cannabis as being one of significant interest and hope for families who battle with intractable epilepsy.

Cheri O’Connell

A loving mother of three. Two of her children have battled intractable epilepsy and we look forward to sharing her story.

Michelle Whitelaw

The mother from Queensland that we met briefly yesterday in the short video. Michelle feels like her state Government is placing her son’s life at risk.

Bastian Seidel

Studied medicine in Germany and South Africa. Currently he works as a GP in the Huon Valley in Tasmania, he was elected as the President of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) in September 2016 where he represents over 30,000 GPs. He also enjoys a teaching role as Clinical Professor with the University of Tasmania.
When elected to the presidency of the RACGP he said, “I will be passionate and vocal in advocating for primary healthcare and look forward to the challenge ahead”. Dr Seidel we hope that you can rise to the challenge of introducing Medicinal Cannabis to the mainstream of General Practice through education and encouragement of your peers. We strongly welcome you and thank you for your participation at this symposium.

Dr Greg Gerdeman

Greg is a Neuroscientist and educator in the USA  with expertise in the physiological actions of cannabis and the endocannabinoid system