Dr Ilan Linder
Paediatric Neurologist

Dr Linder is a Paediatric Neurologist at the Wolfson Medical Centre in Israel.

Ilan has treated over 130 pediatric patients with intractable epilepsy over the past two years, including with vaporized Cannabis.

Ilan studied Medicine in Ben-Gurion University in Beer-Sheba, graduating in 1998. His post-doctoral education included Residency and Internship in pediatrics and later in Pediatric neurology & child development at the Edith Wolfson Medical Centre in Holon, Israel, at Professor Tally Lerman-Sagie’s Pediatric Neurology Unit.

Currently Ilan head’s up the Pediatric Epilepsy clinic. His hospital work consists of consultations and specialised clinics, such as catastrophic epilepsies and the metabolic genetic neurologic clinic. Ilan teachs and supervises medical students and pediatric interns and medical nurses in the field of epilepsy. He also practices pediatrics and pediatric neurology in the community.

Ilan first encountered the field of Medical Cannabis during a multi-center trial treating pediatric epileptic patients with Cannabinoid oil extracts and vaporized cannabis. Ilan lead the center’s branch.

Ilan recently spoke at the ‘Israeli League Against Epilepsy’ annual meeting (January 2016), sharing his experience in treating pediatric epileptic patients with vaporized Cannabis. Ilan is a member of the pediatric neurologists committee in the Israeli Ministry of Health, structuring guidelines for the use of Medical Cannabis in pediatric epileptic patients with oil extract and vaporized Cannabis.