Justin Sinclair
Chief Scientist Advisory Council

Justin is a Pharmacognosist & Educator, and has spent decades exploring the diverse field of herbal medicine, both from a scientific and traditional ethnopharmacological perspective. 

Working in education since 2003, Justin has taught across a wide variety of subjects encompassing medical sciences such as anatomy, physiology, integrated pharmacology and clinical pathology to plant specific sciences such as pharmacognosy / phytochemistry, herbal manufacturing and medicinal botany. He has worked as a research and development consultant to the educational and healthcare industries since 2006.

Key areas of study in his Masters degree with the Faculty of Pharmacy at Sydney University were toxicology, pharmacognosy, analytical phytochemistry, medicinal botany and pharmaceutical technology. 

Over the last decade, his research interests encompass Medicinal Cannabis, cannabinoid based pharmacology, novel drug development, full spectrum plant extracts and plant based pharmacology for pain, inflammation and immune modulation.

His current clinical interests include pain management, mental health disorders and herb drug interactions.

Justin Sinclair

M.HerbMed (USyd) BHSc (Nat)(UNE)
ND DBM DRM Dip Nutrition 


1. Research Fellow, National Institute of Complementary Medicines (NICM) at Western Sydney University.

2. Chief Scientist, Scientific Advisory Board of United in Compassion (UIC).

3. Scientific Advisory Board member, FIT-BioCeuticals.

4. Board Member Advisory Committee member, Naturopaths & Herbalists Association of Australia (NHAA).

5. Contract Academic, Endeavour College of Natural Health.

6. Lecturer, Australasian College of Natural Therapies (ACNT).