A Short Message to Australia’s Medicinal Cannabis Industry

Whether it’s poor access pathways, not enough public awareness, lack of education and knowledge among healthcare professionals or maybe a mixture of these (and perhaps even other reasons) there’s one thing we do know for sure….

Medicinal Cannabis in Australia is Going Too Slow

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So Let’s Start Getting Things Moving

It’s been over three years since legislation was passed and regulated cannabis and cannabis products still aren’t available to those sick Australians who could benefit.  And because of it everyone’s suffering, including an industry that by now could and should have been busy supplying and helping such people.


To make matters worse, we’ve been reliably informed the Government will not be implementing the 26 Recommendations from the recent McMillan Statutory Review into the Narcotic Drugs Act Amendments for at least another 12 months.


You told us in a recent survey that you felt more progress could be made if the cannabis industry worked more closely with advocacy organisations like United In Compassion. Most of you also agreed with the choice of areas we’d like to focus on going forward. There are four of these which are as follows:


Information provision and awareness raising

Education of healthcare professionals

Challenges at law: if and where possible

Challenges at law: if and where possible


As a tiny, not-for-profit none of this will be possible without adapting to developing circumstances and bringing in help from outside.  It means including professionals and experts in what we do as well as those from Australia’s cannabis industry. In short it means ratcheting things up a notch.

To this end, we’ll be forming four ‘silos’ – one for each of the areas identified, and we’ll be looking to work with other relevant NGOs and specialists where required and interested parties from industry.


Initial projects will consist of:

  • A year-long, patient-focused campaign culminating in a ‘Medicinal Cannabis Awareness Week’ and our 2020 Symposium;
  • Production of the Symposium itself (you can register your interest & save the date here);
  • Creation of an education, information-sharing and knowledge platform for doctors based on what we sincerely believe is the country’s best and most thoroughgoing ‘Australian Medicinal Cannabis Course for Healthcare Professionals’ – fully RACGP-accredited;
  • Ongoing lobbying of politicians at both State & Federal levels such as our recent delegation to Canberra on 16th September;  
  • Monitoring of the legal position and cases as they arise + liaison with senior legal practitioners.

Based on the above, we’re asking  you to register your interest in helping (as a significant number of you already have).   Please contact us using the below webform or – if you’d prefer to keep your involvement more low-key, you can contribute to our fundraiser on the GoFundme website.


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Are you an NGO, specialist professional or interested party from the cannabis industry? If you’d like to help us, we’d love to hear from you! Please fill in the form below and we’ll get in touch!