Olivia Newton John:

An intimate conversation about medicinal cannabis

Olivia Newton John, Australia’s long-time sweetheart of stage and screen needs little introduction to audiences around the world, having spent decades entertaining us with her unique sounds and infamous ‘Grease’ moves in black leggings and jacket. Olivia has also endured a personal and sometimes not so private battle with breast cancer, originally diagnosed in 1992 which now is at stage 4. Despite this diagnosis, Olivia has done remarkably well and attributes her well being in part to her medical use of cannabis, under the guidance of her husband Amazon John Easterling whom she married in 2008. Olivia has become an enormous advocate for cannabis and uses her profile to advocate for better patient access in the US where she lives and here in Australia where she retains citizenship and great loyalty. 

Since 1976 Amazon John Easterling has been an explorer and treasure hunter in the Amazon rainforest where curanderos taught him plant medicine. His original degree is in environmental studies. His 28 years of rainforest plant medicine experience have been profiled on TV and in documentaries. Amazon John’s passion for cannabis medicine began with his first cultivation in 1970. He currently maintains a research garden of multiple cultivars in California and is co-owner of a licensed cannabis farm in Oregon. John is husband to Olivia Newton John and enjoys providing cannabis medicine for her care as a cancer patient.