Introducing a limited time opportunity to support truly independent Medicinal Cannabis education.

Are you a medicinal cannabis company that enthusiastically supports the education of Australian Doctors and Health Care Professionals on the Endocannabinoid System and the benefits of prescribing Medicinal Cannabis to Australian patients?

If the answer is yes, please read on…..

United in Compassion (UIC) is an Australian Charity that was founded by medicinal cannabis patient Dan Haslam and his mum Lucy, a registered nurse, in 2014. It was largely their advocacy and lobbying that changed Australian law and legalised medicinal cannabis in 2016, on the first anniversary of Dan’s death from bowel cancer at age 25.

UIC continues to promote education to encourage more Australian prescribers to consider medicinal cannabis for their patients through events such as the Australian Medicinal Cannabis Symposium which has been run regularly since 2014.

UIC appreciates that many doctors remain sceptical of industry-led education. We are therefore developing a joint program with Dr. David Caldicott, the Society of Cannabis Clinicians Australian Chapter (SCCAC), and acclaimed digital health training organisation Arterial Group, to provide an exceptionally high quality, interactive and comprehensive online educational program tailored for Australian health care professionals (HCPs).

To this end, we are providing an opportunity for industry members, who appreciate the long-term benefit of such a project, to make a tax-deductible donation through an unrestricted educational grant.
The grant will be used solely to fund this major project aimed at putting the spotlight on the endocannabinoid system and the positive benefits of medicinal cannabis.

Importantly the project will:

  • be developed as a Not For Profit collaboration.
  • produce a course offered at low cost to Health Care Professionals to encourage participation.
  • have content 100% independent of industry influence and therefore attractive to more sceptical HCPs.
  • be RACGP accredited with access to reach an established database of >20,000 GPs.
  • be comprehensive, with fully referenced, evidence-based content.
  • be continuously updated and further developed by dedicated SCCAC HCPs.

This is an exciting opportunity to be a supporter of a project that provides many long term benefits to the Medicinal Cannabis Sector, whilst maintaining strict independence and integrity of the material itself.

This event is a CPD Accredited Activity (40 points) under the RACGP CPD Program. Arterial Education is a CPD education provider under the RACGP CPD Program

An invitation to make Medicinal Cannabis Education more widely available to Australian Health Care Professionals.

A message from Lucy Haslam

Education Platform Providers


We are proud and excited to announce that Olivia Newton John is our first contributor to the Education Course

The Dan Haslam Memorial
Medicinal Cannabis Education Grant

A limited number of Supporter Packages are available. All monies raised will contribute to seed funding a full suite of online educational modules. These modules will form an RACGP accredited, not-for-profit course on the endocannabinoid system and the re-emerging role of medicinal cannabis.

The core modules have been generously donated by Dr. David Caldicott and the course is being compiled and will be regularly updated and further developed by the Society of Cannabis Clinicians Australian Chapter.

Income generated through the sale of the course to HCPs will be used for ongoing course review and development, as well as other educational opportunities. This is considered a long-term project and should become a valuable Australian educational resource, similar to that of the SCCAC’s parent organization, the Society of Cannabis Clinicians in the USA.

Supporter package donations to United in Compassion are fully tax-deductible through educational grants. There are two levels available:

Platinum Packages for $10,000 and Gold Packages for $5,000.

Sponsor badge

What are the benefits for you as an Industry Supporter?

1. The opportunity to promote your organisation to the course participants at the back end of the course. To comply with RACGP accreditation and to remain independent and free of industry influence, course participants will be invited to access a separate Industry Portal. This will provide them with an opportunity to gain knowledge on specific brands and product availability as well as to request direct contact with your company representatives.
Organisational placement within the portal will be arranged in order of:
-the size of the donation.
-the commitment to support the project (first-in first-served basis).

2. Supporting organisations will receive scholarship credits in the form of free course admission for doctors and health care professionals (Pharmacists, Nurses, etc) of their choosing.
-Platinum supporters will receive 10 scholarships per year for 5 years.
-Gold supporters will receive 5 scholarships per year for 5 years.

3. Supporters will also earn the right to use and display the Dan Haslam Educational Grant Charity supporter logo designed specifically for the project. This will indicate that they are a contributor to highly credible, independent, HCP-led education which will encourage greater trust in the industry and the project‘s integrity.

4. The course will be promoted to Arterial Group’s database of >20,000 ensuring a wide promotional reach. The course will be launched at the 2022 UIC Australian Medicinal Cannabis Symposium where supporters will be given further exposure.